The iLand concept

“iLand” is a multifunctional island with a basic infrastructure, which serves as a platform for a multitude of activities (functions). Each of these activities (functions) will require its proper “add-on” infrastructure.

The basic infrastructure is a ring-shaped, closed dyke with an integrated water inlet/outlet unit. The bottom of the enclosed reservoir is at a lower level than the surrounding seabed. Pumps are integrated into the inlet/outlet unit to pump seawater from the reservoir to the surrounding sea.

As the reservoir water level is always kept lower than the surrounding seawater level, seawater can flow back into the reservoir through gravitational action. Hydraulic turbines in the dyke convert the energy of this water flow into electricity. High voltage cables connect the basic infrastructure with the transmission grid.

The current development approach considers the following three integrated activities (functions), which facilitate the profitable operation of the island:

  • Energy Storage (Offshore Pumped Hydro)
  • Renewable Energy Generation (Nearshore Wind, PV panels)
  • Marine Aquaculture


iLand development

  • “iLand” received acknowledgement as “Project of Common Interest” from the European Commission – DG Energy in November 2017.
  • In October 2018, a study of iLand’s energy functions was launched, subsidised by the Energy Transition Fund from the Belgian Federal Government.
  • In April 2019, a study of iLand’s additional functions was launched, subsidised by VLAIO, the Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the Flemish Government.”

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Pre-conceptual design and dimensioning

iland energystorage iland map
  • 1 PV panels
  • 2 Fish farms
  • 3 Blue mussels
  • 4 Macro algae
  • 5 Hotel - Restaurant - Lounge
  • 6 Cycle tours
  • 7 Desalination
  • 8 Seal resting place
  • X Wind Turbines

More about the multifunctional island

Other activities of the multifunctional island

Coastal Defence

Nature development

Storage Interconnector


Blue Tourism & Recreation

Seawater Treatment

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